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We have made energized water our research. It’s not something that we just strive for – it is something that we have accomplished.

By studying nature, the secrets of water energizing have been discovered. Water is the "Organic" battery of this planet. Water can be charged and recharged endlessly.

When charged water is utilized by an Organic cell, the energy is transferred to the cell and the water molecule becomes uncharged or in a "Bulk" water state. Most potable water consumed is in a "Bulk" water state, not energized.

Natural water ways and water features have the ability to naturally energize water. Viktor Schauberger, a forester and researcher from Austria during the early 1900's, discovered many features and characteristics of water. His insight has helped water scientists over the decades to advance their knowledge of Nature's Organic battery.

Our studies seem to indicate that the water molecule can be programmed. We have noticed that water is naturally programmed through Field Theory physics of our solar system. We have duplicated this process with extremely interesting results.

Our energized water is triple filtered and in a neutral state. The water molecule is energized and ready for an Organic cell. Plants love our energized water. Try giving some of our energized water to your favorite plants and see what happens!


About Us:

We are environmental scientists specializing in duplicating "Natures Genius"

We have many patents on technologies that improve the environment safely and effectively. Energized water is just one of many innovative products we have available

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Customized water tailored to your vibration

Water that speaks to your needs

Answer the following questions to qualify for purchasing the water :

Water Questionnaire Conscious Awareness Targeting 

What is the difference between Atomic Theory and Field Theory? 

What well know scientist championed Field Theory?                                   

What is Counterspace?                   

What is the Event Horizon?           

What well known scientist studied water and provided most of our knowledge to this day about water?

Name at least 6 significant water events contained in the ancient scripture texts.                               

What two aspects of water is now understood that was not known in recent past?                                     

What do you think energized and restructured water can do for an organic cell?

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